The ADIsimPLL design tool is a comprehensive and easy-to-use PLL synthesizer design and simulation tool. All key non-linear effects that can impact PLL performance can be simulated, including phase noise, Fractional-N spurs, and anti-backlash pulse. Fully compatible with prior releases, the ADIsimPLL design tool eliminates time-consuming iterations from the PLL/synthesizer development process. The ADF4xxx family of synthesizers serve a range of applications such as wireless base stations, LAN, mobile handsets and PDAs, broadband wireless access, industrial, instrumentation and test equipment, satellite, sonar, and CATV. Analog Devices' ADIsimPLL design tool offers support for the company's latest PLL synthesizers, including the new highly-integrated ADF4351 PLL for base station and general-purpose applications and the ADRF6850 integrated broadband receiver for satellite applications.

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Demonstration of the ADIsimPLL™ Design Tool

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